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Faith Has Its Reasons

~ by Julie Kemp


Julie Kemp is a North Carolina native. Her most rewarding job is being a wife and mom of two sons. She loves to travel to tropical beaches and spend time with friends and family. Julie and her miracle son, Landon, survived many obstacles in order to share their journey of grief, heaven and Jesus. Tragedy struck their family while they were on their way home from church one Sunday morning. Julie’s husband and Landon’s Dad, Andy, died in a tragic car accident.
God restored her family and sent an amazing husband, Greg. They had a son, Parker. All families are created in different ways. She doesn’t consider hers blended, half,  or step – it’s just a wonderful mixture of love.
Julie’s ministry has been helping others on their grief journey. She was a grief facilitator for eleven years. She and Landon travel across the country telling others about heaven. Her biggest advice for those that do not understand all their “why” questions is to pray. Don’t get stuck in your grief or pain trying to figure out why things happen. Trust God, trust His plan, know that He loves you and will be with you on the hard days and will rejoice with you when your mourning turns to joy. Each day is a gift. Be grateful to God and stand on His promises.

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